Let’s start by moving those images out of your database. That was my first recommendation, most of the time, when meeting with clients to help them achieve better performance. That was a little while ago; it was simple. These days it’s easier to get confused with all the options we…

What ever you are on running on Linux, Mac or Windows that you are on the road or in the comfort of your office there is many different ways to manage your Azure resources. In this video I will show you five ways to do it and explain the pros and cons of each

There is also an excellent Microsoft Learn module that will teach you how to use the Azure portal efficiently.


Originally published at http://www.frankysnotes.com.

Sixty-five videos and one year later

One year already that I start sharing videos on YouTube, I’ve been blogging for many years and wanted to try something new. Creating videos seems like the next logical step. And this is how I decided to start sharing short videos to answer technical questions about Microsoft Azure on YouTube…

Frank Boucher

Cloud Advocate, I share the best practices and my projects online in English and in French. 🎦youtube.com/fboucheros

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